Tutors enhance our classroom instruction by working with students who may need additional help. Our tutors play a significant role in building the basic foundations necessary to succeed as new readers and in building self-efficacy.

Join our team of volunteers by calling 405-524-7323 for the date for our next CLC tutor training. You must attend tutor training before volunteering in a classroom.

Teachers and Tutors Resources

  • Read Works – Read Works is a free resource that offers literary articles, research-based curriculum, effective tools, and more to increase student comprehension.
  • News ELA – News ELA offers assessments to help with reading from a variety of genres like arts, science, and health.
  • Teach This – Teach This has ESL and EFL lessons, worksheets, and game ideas for teachers.
  • Cooperative Learning – This website illustrates the technical definition of cooperative learning by explaining what it is and how it works.
  • Breaking News English – Breaking News English offers free English lessons with different levels based on difficulty.
  • Kagan: Cooperative Learning – Kagan has many free articles discussing cooperative learning.
  • Adult ESL Tutor Training Manual – This manual is specifically for those interested in becoming ESL tutors. It offers assessments, strategies, and more.
  • Dave’s ESL Café – Dave’s ESL Cafe provides several resources for ESL teachers and students.
  • Puzzle Maker – Puzzle Maker allows tutors and teachers to create word puzzles using vocabulary they are working on with their adult learners.
  • Logic of English – Logic of English provides word lists, spelling charts, videos, and more.
  • Arlington Education and Employment Program (REEP) – REEP has free ESL lesson plans and various assessments at different levels of learning.
  • SoftSchools – SoftSchools is a resource for creating quizzes, word searches, matching games, and worksheets for students.
  • Learning Resources – This site offers CNN stories at two different levels. It offers vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing and other questions based on the story.
  • OTAN Outreach and Technical Assistance for Adult Learners – OTAN is a California-based website with resources for ESL, basic literacy, citizenship and more.
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