Student information:

Our staff and teachers make you feel welcome. We provide a very comfortable and safe setting. We don’t want you to feel like you are in school again. We understand the problems you may have when you have trouble reading. We work at your pace. We make our class size small so our teachers can help everyone.

Before joining our classes, students must take an assessment at our office.  Students can schedule an appointment by either calling us at 405-524-7323 or filling out our New Student Contact Form.

Class Schedule
New Student Form

Handwriting Lessons
Print out letters of the alphabet to practice writing.

Glossary of Reading
This is a great reference for when you aren’t quite sure how to define a …morpheme.

Ten Simple Phonics Activities Requiring Little Preparation
More time than prepped materials? Try one of these!

Reading and Literacy Resources
This link takes you to the State Department of Education’s website.

Steps to Reading
Learning to read is a process. Here is a general outline.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Guide to grammar and writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that supports scholarships, faculty development, and curriculum innovation.

English Maven
A resource for free online English lessons and exercises.

Steps to Reading
Learning to read is a process. Here is a general outline.

AAA Math
AAA math has math activities by grade level and topic. Practice basic math, money, measurement, and fractions.

A+ Math
A+ math offers practice in basic math. Make your own flashcards, worksheets, or play some interesting math games.

TV 411
TV 411 offers help with reading, writing, vocabulary, math, credit cards, and much more.

Great resource for students to practice skills, find activities, lessons, and trends in adult literacy.

Phonics Instruction and Lessons
Structured, sequential, and explicit direct phonics instruction and lessons for students.

This website offers a lot of helpful information for reading, writing, and spelling.

English Express
Stories at three different levels of reading.

Sounds of English
This is a good resource for pronunciation.

quizlet iconQuizlet
Quizlet is a great tool that offers phonograms, parts of speech, vocabulary, and many others through the use of flashcards.
For iPhone – For Android

Google translate iconGoogle Translate
Google Translate allows you to translate over 100 languages by speaking, typing, or simply taking a picture of the words with your phone.

For iPhone – For Android

Memrise iconMemrise
Memrise offers many tools to help English Language Learners succeed.

For iPhone – For Android

Duolingo iconDuolingo
Duolingo allows students a fun, interactive way to learn a new language.

For iPhone – For Android

A+ Spelling iconA+ Spelling
A+ Spelling allows you type in a list of words and record yourself saying them back.  There is currently no Android equivalent of this app.

For iPhone


Vocabulary has games, word searches, and quizzes to learn new words. There are easy, medium and hard levels.

Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts
Easy to read alignment of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts. Also includes a glossary.