Every day, Community Literacy Centers aims to help support adult literacy in our community. Our students come in willing to learn how to read, write, and speak English. Their success is our success.

Zachary's Story

student ZacharyBefore beginning to learn how to read, write, and spell, I had no self confidence and thought very low of myself. Having almost 0 self confidence and not knowing how to read, write, or spell, made me see myself like this then everyone around me must see me as nothing but a total idiot. So after awhile I just stopped trying. I stopped trying to hold conversations. Stopped trying to read things on my own that I could not pronounce. And when people would use words that I didn’t understand, I would laugh it off. But deep down I would get angry because it made me feel dumb.

Ariana's Story

student ArianaNow, I understand something, I can help my kids with Homework and explain things to my kids. Now, I talk little English with his teachers and I feel better, I can talk to the pharmacy and order my medicine without a translator. I’m proud of myself, but I need to study and learn more. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate and know English so that I can offer the best future for my family.

Lourdes' Story

student LourdesI came to this country and know the importance of learning English. So I am here learning English because it is important to get ahead and so to better my future. Learning English has helped me work in this country and also made my children proud of me. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to be here and learn English.