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Read Works Literary articles, research-based curriculum and effective tools to increase student comprehension
News ELA Offers assessments to help with reading from a variety of genres like arts, science, and health
Teach This Offers ESL and EFL lessons, worksheets, and game ideas for teachers
Cooperative Learning Illustrates the technical definition of cooperative learning by explaining what it is and how it works
Breaking News English Offers free English lessons with different levels based on difficulty
Kagan: Cooperative Learning Kagan has many free articles discussing cooperative learning
Adult ESL Tutor Training Manual This manual that offers assessments, strategies, and more for people wanting to become ESL tutors
Dave's ESL Cafe Provides resources for ESL students and teachers
Puzzle Maker Allows tutors and teachers to create word puzzles using vocabulary for their adult learners
Logic of English Provides word lists, spelling charts, videos, and more
Arlington Education and Employment Program (REEP) REEP has free ESL lesson plans and various assessments at different levels of learning
Soft Schools Resource for creating quizzes, word searches, matching games, and worksheets for students
Learning Resources CNN stories at two different levels that has vocabulary, comprehension, and sequencing based on the story
Outreach and Technical Assistance for Adult Learners (OTAN) OTAN is a California-based website with resources for ESL, basic literacy, citizenship and more