We are passionate about literacy!

Our staff and teachers make you feel welcome. CLC offers a very relaxed and safe setting for learning.

Teachers and tutors understand the problems you may have when you try to read. We keep our class sizes small so that instructors can teach to varied learning styles.

CLC has many times available for classes, during the day and also at night. Classes are held twice a week for two hours each. Classes are held at many places in Oklahoma City. All of our classes are free of charge.

For a full class schedule, please visit the link below:

Class Schedule

To learn more about our classes, please call us at 405-524-7323.

LEAP (Learning, Enriching, Achieving, Preparing)

LEAP focuses on literacy issues by providing on-site training to individuals through cooperative partnerships with non-profit agencies, churches, schools, and some businesses in the Oklahoma City area. The LEAP program is site-specific.

The program is designed to meet the needs of partner agencies and their clients.  Our partners provide classroom space, access to some office equipment, and a liaison. LEAP is the critical link that enables the individual to learn in a familiar environment as they work towards the initial goals set with their home agency.

The LEAP program provides on-site training to individuals. All LEAP activities are taught my professional educators and supervised by CLC’s Education Program Coordinator. CLC also provides teaching materials, volunteer tutors, and coordination. Instructors are trained in phonics-based activities, which are scientifically proven to work with struggling learners.

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Our Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes help students improve their level of reading, writing, and spelling. In order to be placed into one of classes, please make an appointment with us by calling (405) 524-7323.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English as a Second Language (ESL) classes help students learn to read, write, and speak in English.  These students speak another language in their household, but would like to learn English so they can improve their communication at work and in the community.

Workplace Learning Solutions (WLS)

Workplace Learning Solutions is a fee-for-service program focused on teaching adults how to read, write, and speak English in the workplace. By offering assessments, ESL, and ABE courses in the workplace, Community Literacy Centers aims to improve English language skills, adult literacy, and reduce communication barriers. These classes are taught by our certified instructors.

Hyatt place WLSSome of the benefits of Workplace Learning Solutions include:

  • Increases job performance
  • Enhances communications between workers
  • Prepares employees for potential job promotion
  • Facilitates greater employee retention

If you are interested in this program in your workplace, please contact Melissa Meyers, Workplace Learning Coordinator, melissa@communityliteracy.com, or call (405) 524-7323.

Tutor Training

Community Literacy Centers hosts Tutor Training throughout the year. This training includes:tutor training session

  • Introduction to literary work with adults
  • CLC’s phonetic approach to reading
  • Steps of developmental progression
  • Expectations while assisting the classroom

Our tutors and teachers are trained in incorporating life skills into the coursework. Some of these skills include: financial literacy, health literacy, parenting, and more.