Riz White

Riz White is CLC’s Executive Director. She oversees all CLC activities. She is responsible for administration, financial, fundraising, grant writing, coordinating media efforts, and any other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

Riz’s formal education includes a BA degree in Medical Anthropology with a Minor in English Literature from the University of Rochester. She pursued a Masters in International Business at Boise State University while working for the Governor in International Trade for the Idaho Department of Commerce, and has several years’ experience living overseas as an expatriate in Indonesia, Australia, and the UK. Growing up bilingual in Jakarta, Indonesia, she served as a volunteer translator on a few United Nations and USAID projects overseas. Her extensive international background along with having a brother with special needs provides her the empathy she needs to work with adult learners and English language learners. Riz has worked with several non-profit organizations in Oklahoma City, volunteered at various Oklahoma City Public Schools and non-profits in the community, and has served on the board of directors for Partners of the Americas and St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.